Polar: A Standard R-Rated Comic Book Movie

I could see how a lot of people would have fun with this movie. There is so much action packed blood and violence that any of the sick fucks of the world would enjoy it on that premise alone. The 2019 Netflix original movie, directed by Jonas Åkerlund, is based off of a web-comic with... Continue Reading →

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I’m Just Cutting Onions: Top 5 Saddest Deaths

When a character dies in a movie it can be heart breaking. Some movies will kill off a character and it brings the audience joy, especially when the villain deserves it. Other times the creators will use a death to motivate another character or to simply move along the plot. But when the people behind... Continue Reading →

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Are The Oscars Still Relevant?

The Academy Awards are about to celebrate their 91st ceremony honoring the previous year's accomplishments in film. For the people who have given up on award shows entirely, trust me there are a lot of us, the Academy Awards, or better known as 'The Oscars' are meant to be the single most important and prestigious... Continue Reading →

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Glass: The Unbreakable Finale of a Split Trilogy

This was a movie that I already went in thinking "How the fuck did this get made?" in a good way. Hollywood seems to mostly follow certain patterns, especially within their different genres. But I honestly couldn't tell you of a  time about a movie being a sequel to two separate films spanning fifteen years... Continue Reading →

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Could A Black Widow Movie Be Rated R?

For a long time there have been rumors and announcements with Marvel's development of a solo film featuring Black Widow. The character has appeared six times in other MCU movies played by Scarlett Johansson for the past nine years. The Russian super spy turned American hero has intrigued audience members and many people have demanded... Continue Reading →

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Black Mirror: Netflix’s Dark Reality Show

The online streaming service juggernaut known as Netflix is known for their massive amount of original content. Six years ago the company released their first series, titled Lillyhammer. Half a dozen years later they have amassed smash hits such as Orange is the New Black, Sense8, Stranger Things,  and The Crown. There have been several... Continue Reading →

Let It Snow: Top 5 Christmas Movies

Christmas is the time when everyone gets together and actually enjoys the people around them. There are plenty of other holidays that different people around the world use to celebrate the Winter Solstice, but there's just something about Christmas that creates a warm feeling in my heart. When I was a kid, it tricked me... Continue Reading →


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