SDCC ’18: Get those trailers while they’re still hot

San Diego Comic Con is the Mecca for nerds every year. It is also where a bunch of companies drop new trailers, some of which are the first time anyone gets to see footage for the movie or TV show. Some will get a thumbs up from the Infinity Gauntlet, some will get Snapped.


Aquaman: Thumbs UP


Release Date: December 21st 2018

DC has been on some shaky ground lately with their movies being either hit or miss. However, this first trailer for Aquaman has got me excited. They set up an overview of the story so people who may not be familiar with the character, or haven’t seen Justice League, won’t be going in completely lost. Looks like there is a lot of fun action. CG is really heavy, but I would rather sacrifice realism for giant fights with sharks fighting  crab people next to a volcano. Gives the idea that there will be a serious message and powerful characters but will also have some lightheartedness with jokes sprinkled in. Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Patrick Wilson are all great actors. Added bonus for already making me excited for Black Manta and whatever those monster creatures are.


Shazam: Fingers Ready To Snap


Release Date: April 5th 2019

Figured I would just go ahead and get the other DC movie out-of-the-way. I am cautiously optimistic about Shazam. Personally I never really cared for the character in the comics so I wanted to go in completely blank. We get the overview of the story for people unfamiliar with the character. The trailer also is pretty funny. The scene at the end with the convenience store robbery had me laughing. However I didn’t really see any action and I still like that in superhero movies. Also the suit looks really cheesy. Mark Strong as a villain and Djimon Hounsou as the wizard has me excited. I already like the sidekick character by Zach Dylan Grazer. But I’m worried all the funny parts were in the trailer and Zachary Levi won’t live up to the superhero standards we have today.


Fantastic Beasts- The Crimes of Grindelwald: Thumbs Up


Release Date: November 16th 2018

This is not the first trailer for the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but we did get to see a lot more about the story. Especially the relationship between Sexy Dumbledore and Newt Scamander. Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne work well together. It appears we will be getting some flashbacks to when Newt was attending school. I personally always liked the school sections of the Harry Potter movies more than the “fight for your life” parts. There are a lot of new beasts in this trailer as well as some familiar faces. Niffler being back already makes me happy. Also the trailer indicates we will get more of Credence Barebone’s story. I am worried about Grindelwald himself though. I don’t think Johnny Depp really has the star power he once did, the design of his character with all white hair is a little too similar to Voldemort (all bad guys have to be pale white). However this movie already looks like it will be a spectacle you have to see in theaters.


Glass: Snapped!


Release Date: January 18th 2019

I love the concept of original superhero movies. Unbreakable was really good and unique. Also the next movie in the franchise, which people didn’t realize was linked the first watching, Split, was a really great film. The concept of these characters being together is awesome. So why didn’t I like the trailer? I think they jumped the gun on bringing the characters together. This movie is just a sequel to Split and Unbreakable. James McAvoy and Bruce Willis’ characters get development and we get to see them fight. But Samuel L. Jackson is barely in the trailer. Also he doesn’t believe he has super powers, so it makes no sense that he is in the hospital with the other two. I’m hoping the trailer was just capitalizing on the other two characters fighting and most of the movie is actually about the character that the movie is based on. Glass.


Godzilla- King of Monsters: Snapped!


Release Date: May 31st 2019

This is the first trailer we get for the new Godzilla, the follow-up to Godzilla (2014). And I’m so confused. I honestly think there were multiple people working on this trailer that didn’t look at each others work and then the music for a Disney movie was accidentally thrown on. There is inspiration uplifting music while a pterodactyl is murdering people. It’s looks like the movie is about global warming, and somehow unleashing a bunch of monsters will stop it? I don’t understand what i even watched. But the cast looks amazing. We got Millie Brown screaming with her eyes closed, Vera Farminga being some crazy lady that probably gets a bunch of people killed, Kyle Chandler being a very confused leader, and Charles Dance being… well Charles Dance. What the hell is this movie about though? Just show me Godzilla fighting other monsters, that is all you needed to show the audience. What was this WB? Get your shit together.


Peppermint: Thumbs Up


Release Date: September 7th 2018

These female remakes are going too far, now we have a female Punisher! No, but in all seriousness this looks awesome. I love vengeance stories. I already feel bad for Jennifer Garner’s character. An actress that I honestly haven’t seen around lately and I ain’t mad at her trying to John Wick her way back into people’s hearts. The story looks cool. Mexican cartel’s are basically the new Russian mafias. And I want to know why her family died as much as wanting to see some brutal and bloody action.


Trailers Watched and Reviews Written by: Troy Smith

Bonus: Clone Wars Season 7


Release Date: Not Soon Enough

I purposefully kept the SDCC ’18 trailers to just movies or else this article would be 18 times longer. But seriously… how is this even fucking happening. What time line are we in? We are getting a 7th season of a tv show that was cancelled five years ago, in which time we already got Rebels, a spiritual sequel with a handful of the characters in Clone Wars. I looks like we will be seeing the battle for Mandalore, and possibly even Order 66! Disney you beautiful company, I’m still mad about you firing James Gunn, but this is a good way to start apologizing.



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