I Aint Sayin’ She a Gold Digger: Top 5 Wedding Movies

Over the weekend I helped my cousin celebrate her wedding with her new husband. And now that the hangover has worn off and I’m done worrying about what I said while blacked out, I decided to make this list. Weddings are super fun, especially with an open bar… wait I guess I meant, Wedding receptions are super fun, especially with an open bar. But in all seriousness it warms my heart seeing two people who truly love each other get to say “I do” and actually mean it. Here are the Top 5 movies about Weddings.


5: Wedding Crashers


Release Date: 2005

This movie represents that fun reception part of weddings. The party that takes place after the serious church part. Wedding Crashers, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, is a hilarious and fun film. Even if you aren’t crashing wedding, there still is this level of not knowing a large group of strangers. For those of us not in the ceremony, it’s all about getting drunk, having fun, and hooking up making out (let’s keep this PG for the kids). I literally still have people say “you motorboating son of a bitch” or “Mom! Get the meatloaf!” This movie is memorable. But in the end it also teaches us that we all got to grow up and settle down at some point. Find someone to have a wedding of our own with.


4: Meet the Parents


Release Date: 2000

Back when Ben Stiller was in good movies, he did this one with Robert DeNiro. It played up the part before the wedding, getting to know the future in laws. Worst case scenario for a guy who loves a woman, is that the family wont like him. Even worst case then that is that her father was in the CIA, and he doesn’t like him. The movie still has some laughs in a Murphy’s law weekend trip type of way. The dynamic between Stiller and DeNiro was so good, they made these movies into a trilogy.  In the end a lesson is learned as well, you don’t have to like someone in order to respect the them. If someone you love, loves a person, then that’s already good enough.


3: Sweet Home Alabama


Release Date: 2002

First off if the Lynyrd Skynyrd song doesn’t pop into your head immediately when thinking about this movie, then there’s no hope for you. Seriously though I love this movie. It doesn’t fit the mold of the rest of these “guy films” but I guarantee I watched Sweet Home Alabama more times then the rest of these movies put together. Reese Witherspoon can do no wrong, shes America’s sweetheart. And this movie is a great ‘duck out of water’ comedy. Country girl that abandoned her roots and adopted the big city life style has to return home and has to learn how to be humble. A more important lesson is learned as well, don’t marry someone just because you think its the best move, marry them because you love them. I mean also, who wouldn’t pick Josh Lucas over Patrick Dempsey.


2: The Hangover


Release Date: 2009

The bachelor party is a movie plot devise that has been used a million times, and each time is usually pretty funny. But personally, The Hangover, starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis, did it the best. Even if the rest of the trilogy isn’t that funny, you can still watch the first film and bust out laughing. It’s just absurd, random, hilarious nonsense. The best part of the film is that it’s wrapped around a concept we all unfortunately know far too well, being so black out drunk that the next day you cant remember anything that happened the night before. There’s probably some lesson learned at the end of this film like everything else on the list, something about friends. But really I think the lesson should be, don’t fuck with Mike Tyson.


1: The Wedding Singer

the wedding singer

Release Date: 1998

Adam Sandler is known for a lot of, let’s say, childish movies. And that wasn’t an insult, the Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, and Billy Madison all get a bunch of cheap laughs out of me. But I actually think The Wedding Singer is his best movie. Even by 1998, wedding bands weren’t really a thing anymore so the movie takes place in the 80’s. We get so see a bunch of rips on old styles, fashions, and music. Speaking of which there’s actually a lot of good musical moments by Sandler, I always forget the guy is a musician as well. However, the main reason I love this movie is the story. The main character spends his life making other people’s weddings better, then he gets dumped at the alter, eventually starts to have feelings for another girl (which is hard to do after being rejected by someone you love) but shes dating some total douchebag. He can’t flat out tell Drew Barrymore or he looks like the douchebag himself. That’s just how it works. But in the end, Drew realizes she also loves Sandler, and with the help of Billy Idol and pre-9/11 airport security, they ride away in the sunset together.


Movies watched and list written by: Troy Smith

Bonus: The Princess Bride


Release Date: 1987

I wasn’t sure if this movie technically counted for a ‘wedding movies’ list. I mean “Bride” is in the title, but the movie is definitely more of a fantasy film then anything. But then I thought about how this is my site so here it is on the list. The cult classic film starring Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, Andre the Giant, and like a million more people, is considered one of the greats. This movie has been referenced in all sorts of other shows and media. Yeah, it’s a movie about true love, but also about revenge, wits, and that Mel Brooks style humor (which he actually wasn’t a part of this movie, but the man definitely owns the style). If you haven’t watched The Princess Bride, just sit down and treat yourself. Find out who Inigo Montoya is, what is inconceivable, how someone can be only mostly dead, and why Westley will always come for his true love.



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