On the Road Again: Top 5 Road Trip Movies

Road trips are one of the single best experiences you can have. Imagine experiencing the open road highways, the wind in your face, and getting to stop at the most popular and rural places on the planet. You are locked in a car, driving hundreds of miles with someone who you go from loving, to tolerating, to counting down the minutes until you can stop at a gas station so you can get the fuck out of the car… In all honesty road trips are about the destination, the songs on the radio, the feeling of cruising past a mini van that’s going 80 miles an hour, like it’s standing still. Everyone should experience the feeling. But if you can’t, here are 5 movies that mimic the feeling.


5: SexDrive


Release Date: 2008

There are only a few reasons to really drive across an entire country, and one of them is to get laid. Sex Drive is a really funny movie. The main actors, Josh Zuckerman, Amanda Crew, and Clark Duke aren’t seen in many other films. They gave it their all for this coming of age movie. A virgin just wants to have sex, who among us doesn’t relate? But what is the gem of the movie, is the hilarious adventures along the way, like Seth Green being an Amish person, or all the scenes with James Marsden. Watch it for a good laughs and the memory of what it was like when you were a kid in that desperate hour.


4: Joy Ride


Release Date: 2001

Before Paul Walker was known for his extreme undercover car racing character in Fast and Furious, there was a horror movie about the best kind of mystery, the unknown stranger. The characters in this movie were going on an innocent trip; picking up a horny chick that wants to fuck. But then they fucked with the wrong stranger, and really, is that not the biggest fear about road trips? This movie indulges that part of the brain that thinks “what if I said the thing I shouldn’t to that stranger.” P.S. it doesn’t end well. P.P.S. Ted Levine has a fucking terrifying voice!


3: Logan


Release Date: 2017

This is arguably one of the greatest western movies of our modern time. What is crazy is the fact that this is the “end” of the 10 years of Hugh Jackman’s reign as the character “wolverine”. What you might not realize is that this movie is a road trip across the United States of America. The aged Logan has to transport the young X-23 from Mexico to Canada. Of course a series of shit storms happen to try to prevent this from happening. The best part about this movie is the heart of the journey. Don’t worry, there will be a special analysis of this movie in the future.


2: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles


Release Date: 1987

Look it was really hard to make this movie only number 2. What mostly sucks is that I have to share this spot with “National Lampoon’s Vacation” basically.  John Candy is a comedic genius. Steve Martin is a professional reader of the room. They play off of each other so well. The point of the movie is to highlight the most insane scenario of meeting a stranger in the public transport system. And what puts this movie over the top, is the hidden plot that John Candy’s character has to eventually deal with. For real though, this really does tie with Vacation… but it is better in my opinion. Chevy Chase is just not as good as these two.


1: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Release Date: 1998

Drugs are fun. Too many drugs are too much fun. Too much fun is a fucking nightmare. Straight off the bat I have to tell you how much I love Hunter S. Thompson. I read Fear and Loathing in book form before I saw the movie with no intention of ever seeing this film. Then there was a day I decided to be a big boy and see the theatrical version of the book that I LOVED. It did not disappoint. The fact that this is a “true” story sets it above all else. Road trips don’t always have to go across geological locations, sometimes they need to go across mental planes of thinking. This movie takes you along for that ride.


Movies watched and list created by: Troy Smith

Bonus: Interstellar


Release Date: 2014

Road trips do not have to be contained to this planet. Matthew McConaughey, and his crew, directed by the one and only Christopher Nolan, take a trip across the cosmos, and eventually space/time. The thing about this movie is that it highlights the single point of Road Trip filmes; go from one place to another. Really this film starts with a single idea, the world we currently have is barely standing. Then over the course of the film we get to the next destination; where our species can live. The astronauts in this film, even Matt Damon, make a road trip. Which by definition means “to make a journey” and you bet your ass they did.





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