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Deadpool 2 (Super Duper Cut): More Blood, Tits, F-Bombs, and Pedophile Jokes

This movie is hilarious. At the same time it’s graphically action packed. That makes sense considering the new director, David Leitch (One of the guys that killed John Wick’s dog), is a former stunt choreographer. Deadpool 2 was pretty successful in the box office as well as with reviewers; most saying it lived up to the first. And then in

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Murder at the Exposition Express: Oriental Rugs Really Tied the Plot Together

This movie was boring. I literally left halfway through it to get a strawberry shake with a friend because I was so bored. The 2017 movie, directed by, and starring, Kenneth Branagh, is a train wreck. Sorry that pun was just too easy to not use. Although the film itself had a beautiful presentation, and the plot eventually was extremely satisfying,

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