Fuck Nazis! Top 5 World War 2 Movies

“It is all folly, madness, a crime against civilization! You people speak so lightly of war; you don’t know what you’re talking about. War is a terrible thing!”

Wars are not something that you can measure against each other. Some might have a higher death count, or might have personally effected you worse, but at the end of the day “War is Hell.” However, Hollywood seems to have a particular fascination with World War 2. The last war that involved the entire planet. There was a number of factors that are intriguing about this war but what everyone remembers are the dominating evil force known as Nazi Germany. So here are the Top 5 best movies where we get to see those Nazi fucks get what they had coming to them.

Disclaimer: I mean fuck specifically Nazis, not Germans. They were the first country taken over by those cunts.


5: Dunkirk


Release Date: 2017

No one was expecting Christopher Nolan to make this movie. I even remember when it came out, I personally thought there was some twist we weren’t going to see coming. He was fresh off of Inception, Interstellar, and The Dark Knight Trilogy so making a war movie seemed like an odd choice. I’m glad I was wrong. There is an interesting Nolan film style with the timeline of this film but mostly It’s about the people involved in this gruesome war. We see boys just trying to get away from a beach that is moments away from becoming a bloodbath. We see civilians rising to a call of national duty to risk their lives and save strangers. We see Tom Hardy get into a plane while thinking it’s the last flight he’ll ever take. Most importantly we get to see dreamy Harry Styles from One Direction.


4: Inglourious Basterds


Release Date: 2009

God fucking dammit do I love this movie. It’s my favorite Quentin Tarantino movie hands down. It has Brad Pitt as a part Native American wild man leading a group of Jewish American soldiers around Nazi occupied France just scalping those fucks. We get Michael Fassbender teaming up with a movie star to kill Hitler. We get the introduction of the lovable Christoph Waltz as a psychopathic Nazi hunting a poor sweet Jewish French girl. This movie is hilarious, bloody, and fucking insane! You cannot not have a good time watching it, I mean you might get a little sick if you don’t like blood. The only real flaw this has is just how bonkers it is. This isn’t a true story, though I think we all wish it was.


3: Schindler’s List


Release Date: 1993

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire. Out of all the movie’s Steven Spielberg has made over the years that bring joy and wonder to the world… this is not on the top of that list. It is incredibly powerful. To be honest it is even a little hopeful in the right light. A business man who has no need and no cause to worry about his Jewish workers slowly becomes overwhelmed with guilt. He ends up selling everything he owns just to help a fraction of the Polish people suffering under the thumb of the Nazi prison camps. This movie shows that one-act of humanity and empathy can actually save the lives of those around us who are suffering. Also we get to see Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes act off each other better than they do in any other movie starring them both.


#2: Fury


Release Date: 2014

Brad Pitt is just great at starring in WW2 movies. This movie isn’t glorious or wonderful. It won’t really instill hope. These men didn’t turn of the tides and win the war. This movie just follows a small group of soldiers in the thick of it. Their superiors are incompetent. Their foreign allies show them little to no respect. They drive around a tank that is immediately the first thing anyone shoots at. War is fucking rough and this movie capitalizes on the blood, sacrifice, and meaninglessness of it all. The whole plot and cast is just phenomenal. I mean shit this movie made me like Shia LaBeouf again. In the same breath it made me respect those men and women that do serve and go through something I’m sure is even worse than a Hollywood movie could show us.


#1: Saving Private Ryan


Release Date: 1998

Was there even a question in anyone’s mind that this movie was going to make the top of this list. This will go down as one of the greatest films of all time. An honor that Tom Hanks probably deserves. The D-Day beach scene alone has been mimicked, referenced, and honored a million times. It encases everything good and bad about war movies. There are a lot of moments you root, cheer, and pray for our heroes, and a few moments you actually hate them.  This movie sucks you in because it creates these real feeling characters who are putting their lives at risk to save one kid. This isn’t even by choice, it’s an order. If you don’t follow orders, you get people killed. And boy do a lot of people die in this film. But what always brings me to tears is the end, with a man hoping he lived a good enough life for the sacrifices others made.


Movies watched and review list generated by: Troy Smith

Bonus: Overlord

Release Date: Not out yet

Look, I know this is where I normally put something that different enough but sort of fits on the list. But this time, just watch this trailer.




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