Give Me Something Good To Eat: Top 5 Halloween Movies

Halloween brings out the freaks of the world. It allows everyone to be a little more witchy, a little more creepy, and a little more slutty. What I love the most about the holiday of Halloween is the ritual of it all; as if there really are witches in the world and we’re all just playing along with their spell. This is a day of sacrifice. We sacrifice our dignity by dressing in stupid costumes. We sacrifice our health by inhaling tons of candy. But most importantly we sacrifice our comfort by thinking that maybe, just for one day, there is something supernatural working in the background. Here are the Top 5 Halloween themed movies.


5: Trick ‘r Treat


Release Date: 2007

A cult classic film that, even eleven years later, people are still hoping for a sequel. This movie was an anthology that showed us several small stories of different characters on Halloween. A version of slutty vampires, a serial killer dad, and a misunderstood demon. Sam is the little bag headed “child” that won over the hearts of many and quickly became the mascot of the film for good reason. This movie captures the feeling in the back of our heads that something is always going bump in the night.


4: Halloween (Both of them)


Release Date: 1978/2018

I loved the original John Carpenter film that was released 12 years before I was born. In 2018 we got an official sequel that retconned several other Halloween movies that never really did the character of Micheal Myers true justice. The story is simple, a boy loves to wear masks and is fixated on murder (and a little bit of childish fun). The really messed up feeling that brings us all together on Halloween is the fact that we will never know who is behind the masks. Anyone could be walking down your street on this holiday, and you’re inviting strangers to ring your doorbell and you will answer it willingly.


3: Coco


Release Date: 2017

Technically Dia De Los Muertos isn’t the same as Halloween. But it’s my fucking list and I make the rules! I’m not a huge Disney fan, and on top of that I do not particularity love musicals (I like some but don’t love the genre) I watched this movie out of complete boredom and was blown away. Coco teaches people about passion for your craft, the importance of tradition, and choosing you’re own life. You should honor your family for the sacrifices they have made, while making sure you make a life of your own. It really is a colorful and heritage-rich film that makes you happy to be alive while celebrating the people who came before you.


2: The Nightmare Before Christmas


Release Date: 1993

Some people will tell you this is a Christmas movie, but they’re wrong (check back on my Christmas list). The characters in this film are exaggerated versions of the Halloween spirit. You need a few vampires, boogie men, ghosts, and ghouls. I love the look and feel of the Halloween town that Jack Skelington lives in. The best part of the film is when the nightmare creatures really do take over Halloween and fill the presents with murder dolls and dead ducks. Because all the freaks that love Halloween would actually want those as gifts. If you’re a freak, be happy with being a freak, you don;t have to be anything else.


1: Hocus Pocus


Release Date: 1993

For some reason, this is the definitive Halloween movie. I like Hocus Pocus; I’ve seen it a few times. But there are people in this world that LOVE it. People watch this movie every year, people still dress up as the characters, and there are festivals in the film’s honor. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy performed some of their most iconic roles of all time. I love the fact that it’s just some old school witches doing terrible things with fabulous style. There’s a zombie that can’t speak, a cat with too much attitude, and a boy who wants the girl and equally wants to save his sister. If you haven’t seen this movie, just post on facebook and one of your friends will yell at you and force you to watch it.


Movie watched and list conjured up by: Troy Smith

Bonus: Beetlejuice


Release Date: 1988

This isn’t a Halloween movie but it definitely fits the bill. Beeteljuice is a character that cannot be forgotten. Beetlejuice is the type of ghost that scares ghosts. Beetlej- Oh shit what was I doing there. Almost messed that one up. I love the rules and themes of the film. The feel of the afterlife being equally cartoonish and terrifying. A girl who makes friends with ghosts is the type of girl all of us can relate to (maybe it’s just me). It’s crazy to think that this movie is 30 years old and can still feel like a modern film. If you like the paranormal, ghosts, or just feel out-of-place in the hum-drum of reality, this is a movie that will make you feel…. well not happy, but at least make you feel.

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