Let It Snow: Top 5 Christmas Movies

Christmas is the time when everyone gets together and actually enjoys the people around them. There are plenty of other holidays that different people around the world use to celebrate the Winter Solstice, but there’s just something about Christmas that creates a warm feeling in my heart. When I was a kid, it tricked me into being a good boy but as I grew older I found that it has nothing to do with gifts or religion. It’s about being there with people you love, because it’s cold as all hell outside and you would rather tolerate your weird family then be alone outside. Here are my top 5 Christmas movies.


5: Jingle All The Way


Release Date: 1996

Okay, I know I said Christmas isn’t about gifts but… it kind of is. At least for the parents who want to provide (and buy off) their kids. You cannot beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in any physical competition, there are several 90’s movies that prove it. But muscles can’t earn a kid’s love. This movie makes the list because it represents what most parents feel on Christmas. When you love your child and all they want is that one toy, you try your fucking damnedest to get it. This movie shows how far a father will go to make his son happy, and along the way he discovers that all you really need to do to be a good father, is be there for your child, no matter what.


4: Scrooged


Release Date: 1988

When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But adding Bill Murray wont hurt. There have been several versions of the classic story A Christmas Carol, in which a selfish man is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas (past, present, and future) to show him the errors of his ways. This variation makes the list because it’s hilarious. Sometimes when you’re learning a hard lesson about being a shitty person you need a few breaks to enjoy what you’re watching. At the end of the day we are reminded that Christmas is about giving to the people who need it and less about getting what you think you deserve.


3: A Nightmare Before Christmas


Release Date: 1993

You knew this was getting on the list right? The moment you read the title, you knew this movie was cropping up somewhere. Christmas is usually the holiday for families and warm-hearted individuals, but the freaks of the world like to celebrate it too. This movie makes the list because even the people who are naughty can feel the Christmas spirit. People really do feel a little bit better around this time of year. But what this movie does the best is show us that just because you decorate the right way, or wear the right clothes, you can’t fully embrace Christmas; it’s something deeper. You can’t force Christmas, you just experience it.


2: How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Release Date: 2000

Dr. Seuss made a few stories that will survive the test of time, but none have been repeated nearly as much as The Grinch. I liked the 2D movie from 1977, and I actually am interested to see the 2018 version. But you just cannot beat Jim Carrey. The live action film has something a lot of other Christmas movies are missing, and it is perspective. Some people actually do not like the holiday. There are people out there that fucking love Christmas and it annoys the Grinches of the world. You can go ahead and say its a ‘War on Christmas’ but instead of being like the mean mayor of Whoville; this movie teaches us to be like Cindy Lou and extend a caring hand to the difficult people in our lives.


1: A Christmas Story


Release Date: 1983

Every year on Christmas I watch this movie at least once. It is usually playing 24 hours straight on certain TV channels. Movie theaters still show this movie around the holidays every year. It really is the number one movie that perfectly captures Christmas. Maybe some of the elements don’t make sense anymore with age, I mean who washes out kid’s mouths with soup, but the theme is still the same. A child is just trying to live his life with his real family that doesn’t exactly fit together. There’s a lot that happens in this epoch but at the end of the day we all want our own Red Ryder’s. I double dog dare you to come up with a movie that better represents the real spirit of Christmas.


Movies watched and List checked twice by: Troy Smith

Bonus: Die Hard


Release date: 1988

Die Hard is a Christmas movie! Fight me! This whole movie revolves around the fact that John McClane goes to a Christmas party. The terrorists only choose to strike because security is at its lowest because of the holidays. Sure most other Christmas movies do not involve a cop murdering a bunch of thieves, but the spirit of Christmas is still alive in this film. At the end of the day the hero learns that the true meaning of Christmas is spending time with your family and appreciating the gifts you have. You’re just jealous Santa says Ho-Ho-Ho instead of Yippy-Ki-Yay Motherfucker.



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