Infinity Stones Necessary Movie Viewing List

After the release of Captain Marvel, we have Avengers: Infinity War on the horizon. Most likely if you are reading this, it’s very likely you will want to do a re-watch of all twenty-one films in preparation for the epic finale eleven years in the making. But that’s a lot of time and really we got lives. So it you just want to know what films you need to watch to get the full Infinity Stone story. This isn’t about what movies are good or bad, just to get the complete story in order to fully enjoy the epic conclusion the Endgame will deliver.


1: Iron-Man (The Beginning of the MCU)


This was the beginning of the entire MCU. The dawn of the Marvel super hero. Without the success of Iron-Man and Robert Downey Jr. We wouldn’t be seeing the Infinity Stone story at all.


2: Iron-Man 2 (Introduction of S.H.E.I.L.D)


The universe begins to expand. Aside from characters like War Machine and Black Widow making their debut, we introduce S.H.E.I.L.D and the influence of Nick Fury.


3: Captain America- The First Avenger (The Space Stone)


The first movie with an Infinity Stone. Although technically in this movie it is treated as the Cosmic Cube (Marvel studio didn’t know what they were doing yet.) This was when the heroes of Marvel began the cosmic story.


4: Marvel’s The Avengers (The Avengers Assemble)


The  Avengers protocol in full effect. The world finds out about aliens. And most importantly, the first time the audience sees an image of Thanos.


5: Thor- The Dark World (The Reality Stone)


Regardless of the quality of the movie, this movie introduces The Reality Stone. And by the end we are shown more of the cosmic world with The Collector making a debut appearance.


6: Captain America- The Winter Soldier (The Fall of S.H.E.I.L.D)


Although this movie does not include any Infinity Stones, an important part of the story is where The Avengers and Earth’s defenses are when Thanos attacks. S.H.E.I.L.D falls due to Hydra and the world is weaker for it. Also this is the first movie the Russo Brothers work on.


7: Guardians of the Galaxy (The Power Stone)


This might have been the most important film in the Infinity Stone’s story. Not only is there the Power Stone but we get a history of the Infinity Stones and Thanos (with James Brolin playing the character for the first time)


8: Avengers- Age of Ultron (The Mind Stone)


The Avengers return. The team begins to shift dynamics and become more complex. The shaft Loki used in the first Avengers is explained to be The Mind Stone. We also are introduced to The Vision and The Scarlet Witch… And Hawkeye’s lame ass family.


9: Captain America- Civil War (The Avengers Disassemble)


The Avengers face their toughest enemy, themselves. And it ends with the team being no more, leaving the world even weaker for when Thanos attacks. We also get the origin stories for Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Giant Man (first time we see him and honestly we get all we need from Scott Lang in this movie)


10: Doctor Strange (The Time Stone)


The first hint of new heroes appearing without a bunch of baggage. Doctor Strange introduces us to the Time Stone. As well as the hint of multiple dimensions, making the Marvel Universe even bigger.


11: Thor- Ragnarok (Missing Avengers Found)


Since Age of Ultron the audience hasn’t known where the two most powerful beings on the Avengers have been, now we know. The movie ends with the opening of Infinity War starting. Thanos begins his attack.


12: Avengers- Infinity War (The Snappening)


Thanos’ mission takes place. The Avengers fight with all they have but The Snappening still takes place. This movie ends with death and devastation, and that is exactly how Avengers: Endgame wants you feel going in.


I understand if you personally are saying something like “Wait you NEED to watch Black Panther in order to know about Wakanda!” or “But what about Ant-Man and the Wasps end credits scene?!” Look, this isn’t about individual character moments/scenes or the best movie experiences. This is about getting the full Thanos vs The Avengers story.


Movies watched and viewing list carefully crafted by: Troy Smith




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