I’m Not That Drunk: Top 5 Movies About Drinking

Drinking has been around as long as we’ve had recorded history. People drink at festivities, in celebration, to fix boredom, and even to muster up some courage. It may not be the most healthy of past-times but in moderation, it’s a great way to relax and have some fun. Let’s all share a few and count some of the best movies that feature the lovable and complicated relationship we have with that special liquid alcohol.


5: Sideways


Release Date: 2004

Two guys decide to spend a weekend getting trashed on wine before a wedding. Wine country can be a dangerous place when you have a little too much fun. It can be hard coming back to reality. This movie actually turns out to be a really great story about people later in life finding happiness. It also mainly is about how Merlot is not good wine.


4: Strange Brew


Release Date: 1983

Maybe today we have big budget superhero movies with amazing scripts and down to earth heroes. But in the 80’s there were just two Canadian brothers whose love for beer brought them into and adventure to save the world, or at least save October Fest. Man I miss Rick Moranis.


3: The World’s End


Release Date: 2013

This might be the end of some trilogy named after an ice cream brand, it definitely stands up on its own. A movie about some lads that go on a beer crawl and involves alien robot clones ends up being an incredibly heartfelt movie about addiction and growing up. But mainly about drinking at as many bars as you can in one night.


2: Beerfest


Release Date: 2006

No matter your favorite sport, we can all root for the American patriots that try to take on the Germans in a drinking contest. The guys from Broken Lizard may not have broken the mold on this one, but it’s just a fun movie that gives after armature drinker a fantasy that one day, the country might need them… to drink more beer!


1: Animal House


Release Date: 1978

College is a time for higher education, making long-lasting friends, and getting tanked. The boys in Delta House will do whatever they can protect their right to party. John Belushi’s most iconic role in a classic film that will be around for as long as there are kids that want to drink in college.


List generated, while having a few, by: Troy Smith

Bonus: The Hangover


Release Date: 2009

Drinking is fun, and drinking a lot is a lot of fun. But the next morning always comes. As I’m writing this list, I’m dealing with a pretty bad hangover myself. This movie is hilarious but it also highlights the horrors of how bad it feels to have no idea what you did while you were drunk. The more fun you have, the higher the price of recovery there is.

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