Happy Birthday Bruce Wayne: Top 8 Batman Movies

Batman is one of the most beloved super heroes of all time. The World’s Greatest Detective has a place in all of our dark hearts. Like most comic book heroes The Dark Knight, lost his parents but unlike others, he doesn’t have super powers. He is a crazy man trying his best to help other lunatics from losing themselves completely. I am a huge fan of Batman comics and I will be until the day I die. In order to celebrate the 80th birthday of The Caped Crusader, we count down the Top 8 Batman movies… so far.


8: Batman Forever


Release Date: 1995

One of the main reasons people tend to love Batman, is his villains. Batman Forever gave us two of the most cartoonish and best cast versions of those villains. Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face and Jim Carrey’s Riddler are iconic. And even though people don’t rank Val Kilmer up there as their favorite Batman’s, they do love Chris O’Donnell as Robin.


7: Batman- The Movie

adam west

Release Date: 1966

It is likely the world wouldn’t have as much love for Batman if it wasn’t for Adam West. The TV show in the 60’s is still recognized as some people’s favorite version of the character. It is campy and wholesome. And at the end of the day, captures the real mentality of comic book characters. Batman: The Movie in 1966 capitalizes on everything that made the show great.


6: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker


Release Date: 2000

In the distant future of 2039, Bruce Wayne is too old to continue the fight, so Terry McGinnis takes the cowl. Batman Beyond is a cult classic set in a future with more questions on what happened to the world and Gotham. The movie gave us one answer the fans have been wanting for years; what happened to Jason Todd.


5: Batman v Superman- The Dawn of Justice 


Release Date: 2016

Audiences today tend to either hate or love movies. When it comes to Batman v Superman, it seems to be a lot more vocal hate. However, the movie has a lot of positive qualities along with one of the most ruthless and dark iterations of Batman. No matter the plot, we still get to see the greatest Batman fight scene of all time ripped straight from the Dark Knight Returns comic.


4: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox


Release Date: 2013

Most fans of the Batman comics know of an alternate reality even darker than the normal DC universe. When the Flash goes back in time to save his mother from being murdered, it changes the timeline. Bruce Wayne is gunned down in front of his parents, sending his father to become The Batman. A ruthless version of the character with less concern for life and even more reason to do the evil deeds that must be done.


3: Batman Returns


Release Date: 1992

The sequel to the highly beloved Tim Burton movie is even better than the first. Danny DeVito’s Penguin still gives people nightmares and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman gives people…. other kinds of dreams. Micheal Keaton is the top of a lot of people’s ‘best Batman’ lists. Maybe one day we will finally get the end to the trilogy.


2: The Dark Knight


Release Date: 2008

Not only is this one of my favorite Batman movies, but it is likely one of my favorite movies of all time. Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman and Joker is cinematic perfection. A phenomenal movie with a great plot and characters that will remain immortal on-screen. Rest in Peace Heath Ledger.


1: Batman- Mask of the Phantasm


Release Date: 1993

Most of the love I have for Batman stems from the 1990’s animated TV show. Watching that as a child cemented to me what a good hero, with terrifying villains, should be. Many people still consider it the golden standard for the character. Kevin Conroy’s voice is Bruce Wayne’s voice, that is just a fact, matching Mark Hamill’s Joker. ‘Mask of The Phantasm’ was a monumental achievement for DC comics; an animated movie being shown in theaters. It brought the character to depths we have never seen before, and in ways will never seen again. This is the greatest Batman movie.


Movies watched and favorite superhero beloved by: Troy Smith


Bonus: Gotham


Release Date: 2014-2019

Although this show had a shaky start, Gotham is now one of the best shows on air. It is a creative and unique origin to Batman, James Gordon, and the diverse cast of villains that rule the city. The fifth and final season is currently airing, and with a show that continually gets better every year, I cannot wait to see the monumental finale this show has in store.

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