I Cant Believe It’s Over: Top 5 Complete HBO Series

HBO is one of the first premium television channels and has been pumping out quality content for over forty years. Some of the greatest TV shows of all time were produced and distributed by HBO. The channel has several astounding programs that are currently running, as well as several mini series, documentaries, and original movies that are all worth a watch. But sometimes you just want to sit and binge watch a show from beginning to end. Here are the 5 best complete shows you can watch on HBO right now.


5: Eastbound & Down [4 seasons]


Release Date (2009-2013)

A show about a washed out baseball pitcher that has to go back to his small town and realize he isn’t a big shot after all. Or he can just ignore everyone and still be a big shot anyways. Produced by Will Farrell, this hilarious show stars Danny McBride playing the role he was made for.


4: The Leftovers [3 seasons]


Release Date (2014-2017)

Imagine millions of people disappearing from the world suddenly. But in this world there isn’t a giant purple villain to pin the blame onto, there are no answers. The people left behind would act out, turn to cults, or just go completely insane. Unlike ‘Lost’, this show delivers an actual ending to the mystery.


3: Game of Thrones [8 seasons]


Release Date (2011-2019)

If you are one of the twelve people who wasn’t watching Game of Thrones, you can now binge the entire show. This fantasy world is unlike any other. The seven kingdoms, and ruling families, fight for a chance to sit on the Iron Throne and rule the world. I wouldn’t get too attached to any characters though.


2: The Wire [5 seasons]


Release Date (2002-2008)

Have you ever met someone that watched The Wire, don’t worry, they will tell you. It is one of the greatest cop shows of all time. Detective McNulty and the Baltimore police force try to take down a slew of drug dealers. Each season has their stories, and each season has Omar being the baddest mother fucker on the street.


1: Sopranos [6 seasons]


Release Date (1999-2007)

Before there was Walter White or Dexter Morgan, we had Tony Soprano. The true anti-hero. The show expanded the mafia genre in ways no movie has. The Sopranos humanized a mass murdering psychopath and even sent him to therapy. This show is brutal and heart wrenching at times, and other times hilarious. And the finale still goes down as one of the gre——–


Hundreds of hours of TV watched and list generated by: Troy Smith


Bonus: Deadwood


Release Date (2004-2006)

If I generated this list last year, this show would have been in the top 5. Unlike the previous 5 shows, Deadwood never got a true finale. That is until 2019. The Deadwood movie will come out, finally finishing the story about the little town of criminals trying to survive the wild west. And the law man that has to fight to keep it all from falling into chaos.

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