Happy Pride Month: Top 10 Openly Gay Actors and Actresses

June in The United States is marked as national LGBT Pride Month. There are marches in the streets, cooperate programs, and waves of people supporting those that had the bravery to come out of the closet. Some of the most successful actors and actresses have come out themselves and part of that spot light has helped other people. Here are the top five gay actors and top five lesbian actresses.


Top 5 Gay Actors

5: Matt Bomer


Currently Matt boomer is playing a bandaged burn victim in Doom Patrol, and is still the sexist person on the show. Matt Bomer may not have the most iconic roles but his name is never far away from some of the most watched shows.


4: Neil Patrick Harris


His role as Barney Stein was Legend…. Dairy. Neil has played a wide variety of cartoonish characters from the sinister villain Count Olaf to voicing the spectacular Spider-Man. He’s the only man I know to successfully play himself in multiple movies and have them all be different characters.


3: Zachary Quinto


Ever since his incredible role as a villain in the show Heroes, Zachary Quinto has continued to make waves. He is the only person in the world that I think could have lived up to the character Spock. One of his roles in American Horror Story is still my favorite part of that show. And I’ve heard great things about his new project NOS4A2.


2: BD Wong


Whether it is a mad scientist, a mad scientist, or a crazy mad terrorist, BD Wong can play that role perfectly. In all seriousness BD Wong is one of my favorite actors. I’ve never seen him in a bad role, and his addition to the cast instantly increases the credibility of the project.


1: Ian McKellen


One of the greatest actors in our generation is Sir Ian McKellen. The man has played Magneto and Gandalf, two of the most iconic characters of all time. He has also played Sherlock Holmes, Richard the Third, and even Death. In real life he is one of the nicest men in Hollywood. He is a great addition to the species and I look forward to seeing what he plays in his many years left on this planet.


Top 5 Lesbian Actresses

5: Jane Lynch

You wouldn’t think it, but Jane Lynch is one of the most successful women in Hollywood. With over 200 acting credits, she has found herself in some of people’s favorite movies and TV shows. She was hilarious in Role Models, Best in Show, and Walk Hard. And shes has at least one acting credit in every TV show ever.


4: Kate McKinnon


When shes not making people laugh in Saturday Night Live, shes making people laugh in major motion pictures. Kate has a very unique sense of comedy, it may not be for anyone, but when she finds her audience, she kills them with laughter.


3: Ruby Rose


Ruby Rose is one of the biggest break through stars in Hollywood. After her role in Orange is the New Black, she has been seen nonstop in movies and shows. She has fought Vin Diesel, Keanu Reeves, and Jason Statham (well that had a giant shark involved). And now she will be the first live action version of Batwoman.


2: Ellen Page


Juno, Hard Candy, Super, Inception… Ellen Page will not stop making great movies. She played one of the most important X-Men. She also was capable of working on a powerful video game ‘Beyond: Two Souls.’ And right now she is in one of my favorite new TV shows Umbrella Academy.


1: Jodie Foster

2016 AMD British Academy Britannia Awards Presented by Jaguar Land Rover And American Airlines - Arrivals

When she was 12, Jodie Foster lied to Martian Scorsese in order to play a role in the movie Taxi Driver. She knew exactly what she wanted to be, and that was one of the greatest actresses of all time. She made me believe in aliens with Contact. She made me terrified of psychopaths in Silence of The Lambs. And to top it all off, shes starting her directorial career, and has already made of of my favorite episodes of Black Mirror.


List generated by: Troy Smith

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