I Have To Wait How Long!? Top 5 Cliffhangers

Some movies end with these insane moments that make you beg for more. Sometimes it comes off as a way for a movie to get out of a real ending, but when it works, it drives fans to demanding that sequel. It is a powerful way to promote a film that usually hasn’t even started production yet. There have been a lot of cliffhangers, here are the Top 5.


5: Justice League


Release Date: 2017

DC comics have always had one thing that Marvel hasn’t, the Legion of Doom. Justice League’s after credits scene featured a cliffhanger for a bad guy team up movie in the future. And every DC movie since has continued teasing more and more villains joining forces. Hopefully Justice League 2 actually happens and we can see the Legion in full glory


4: The Matrix Reloaded


Release Date: 2003

Mr. Anderson vs Agent Smith is one of the greatest rivalries in modern films. Regardless of how you feel about the two Matrix sequels, their two stories were still great. Seeing Agent Smith leave the matrix behind and take a human form right before the credits, laying next to Neo set up expectations for the final film. Unfortunatley they didn’t do much with it. But it as still a good cliffhanger.


3: Iron Man


Release Date: 2008

Marvel has basically made cliffhangers their brand. We always have to wait through the credits for what teaser is telling us about the future MCU films. There were a lot of choices, but the very first one with Nick Fury hinting the Avengers will always go down in history for changing the way comic book movies end.


2: Back to the Future Part II


Release Date: 1989

Back to the Future films have defied laws and changed the way we rewatch movies. So when we saw Doc Brown be electrocuted, and potentially die, any other movie would have ended there. But BttF2 ends with a mail man showing up at the exact same time with a letter from the 1800’s for Marty, who doesn’t have a time machine. The set up was huge with possibilities.


1: Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back


Release Date: 1980

The greatest cliffhanger, and probably one of the most iconic moments in cinema history, is when you find out that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. Ever since this movie it is impossible for another movie to pull this. Combine that with the other main character, Han Solo, being frozen in carbonite, Empire Strikes Back sets up the most hype for any sequel in history.


Movies suspenseful finished and list made by: Troy Smith


Bonus: Shawshank Redemption


Release Date: 1994

Although Shawshank Redemption does not have a sequel, I constantly think about what happens after the story ends. Andy escapes jail and is in Mexico waiting for Red. He tells Red to grab hidden money and meet him down there. the movie ends with them meeting again, but I just want to know what happens next. Likely just sitting on a beach drinking their lives away in bliss, but I can’t stop thinking about more potential stories. with those two characters.

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