Wilson!!! Top 5 Movies Starring Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is America’s sweetheart. Aside from being a great person and genuinely happy, he is one of the greatest actors Hollywood will ever have. He makes believe believe in something bigger then themselves, encourages hope, and voices a toy! Instead of having an iconic role that defines him, he is an iconic himself. This was truly the hardest Top 5 list I have created due to the fact Tom Hanks has so many phenomenal movies.


5: The Money Pit


Release Date: 1986

This movie always made me laugh when I was a kid. I just thought it was funny to see Tom Hanks lose his mind. As I got older I realized this movie is closer to a true tale and Tom reacts how any sane person would in that house. Never let anyone tell you to get a ‘fixer upper’ without offering to split the bill.


4: Road To Perdition


Release Date: 2002

As an actor mainly known for spreading joy, or at the very least instilling hope, it was surprising to see Tom Hanks play a mob hit-man. In any other actor’s ‘Top 5’ this movie would have been number 1 on the list. Its a savage story about evil people killing each other, and I loved it.


3: Toy Story


Release Date: 1995

Not only is he a talented actor on screen but also holds the voice acting credit for one of the most recognizable animated characters. The Toy Story franchise taught us to feel emotions by showing us those feelings in inanimate objects. Twenty years later the franchise is still making us cry.


2: Saving Private Ryan


Release Date: 1998

Not only has this movie made the ‘Top 5 WW2 Movies‘ list, but it is also one of the greatest films starring Tom Hanks. A school teacher drafted and forced to lead a group of men into death is a heavy role. While there are so many moving parts in this film, the constant soul throughout is Tom, which makes it so much sadder when you watch his fate.


1: Forrest Gump


Release Date: 1994

Was there ever any doubt this movie would be the top of the list? Forrest Gump is one of the greatest movies of all time (besides maybe Shawshank). It doesn’t just tell the incredible story of one man, but represents the entire USA from the 1960’s-1980’s. Tom Hanks has had many unforgettable roles, but he will never do anything better than Forrest Gump.


Movies watched and list generated by: Troy Smith


Bonus: David S. Pumpkins


Any questions?

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