How Rumors of a Breaking Bad Movie Sold Tequila

If you are a fan of the site, then you are aware how much I despise ‘Click Bait’. In general, I think most new sites have lately jumped too hard on a story and then reported them without having all the facts. So when people started contacting me about the Breaking Bad movie, I was skeptical. I had not seen any press releases, official statements, or advertisement of any kind. I did see plenty of news sites talking about it happening, but nothing from the companies owning or producing the show. There were some very cryptic social media pictures that were “basically confirmation.” But I warned my friends to wait and trust me, because I’ve seen confirmations like this before.

For the eight people on the planet that haven’t seen Breaking Bad (you shouldn’t be proud of that fact) it is considered one of the most beloved TV shows in modern time. It was created by Vince Gilligan, and starred Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. The show lasted five seasons on the AMC network and won tons of awards. We are talking Golden Globes, Screen Actor’s Guide, fucking Prime-time Emmy’s, etc. It will go down in history as the best anti-hero story ever, competing with The Sopranos. I don’t want to spoil the show in case you actually want to watch it, but I will say after five seasons, it wraps up and has a real series finale. So when I heard about a movie happening, it just didn’t make too much sense. But the tweets started coming in.



On June 25th, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston simultaneously tweeted a picture of a donkey and wrote “soon”. At this point I was already seeing how the movie was happening on the basic entertainment news sites. On July 2nd the two tweeted a picture of themselves together, with the words “even sooner”. This is when friends of mine, who are fans of the show, started texting me with excitement; and so I did a little digging to find any facts on these claims. Social Media was losing their minds, hell people on the radio were even even talking about “a teaser for the Breaking Bad movie” but I still found no solid announcements. On July 8th the two tweeted again “a collaboration so smooth you can taste it ’24 hours'”, to which 24 hours later they announced… a brand of Mezcal called Dos Hombres Mezcal (basically Mezcal is to Tequila which Whiskey is to Scotch).

Now I wasn’t hurt by this, I never thought the movie was happening. However I might be wrong. Here are the actual facts that I found. In November 2018 Bryan Cranston, while being interviewed on the Dan Patrick Show, said that there is a Breaking Bad movie script that was written that would answer a few things left unfinished from the show however he didn’t comment on any details or involvement. In February of 2019, Vince Gilligan announced he is working on a movie called Greenbrier that Netflix and AMC will debut…. that is it. That is literally the only things that are confirmed. Someone wrote a script and it might be getting worked on. Is this the Breaking Bad movie, sure maybe. But let us hold off on believing any “confirmations” until they are actually said by the companies that would be advertising it.



I loved Breaking Bad. I watched it every week with my friends. I have solid memories in living rooms, basements, and garages for a five year span of my life with family and friends. I still remember spoiling the end of Season 4 for a friend of mine (mainly because he wont let me forget.) If there is a Breaking Bad movie, I will watch it. But does there really need to be one? As I stated, the show was complete and will be remembered fondly, so what will we gain by there being ‘more’. Personally I doubt it will be ‘better’. Vince Gilligan has credibility but after Breaking Bad, he started working on Better Call Saul, a spin off/prequel to the show. And now he will work on a movie. I’d really rather see him try something new than be bottle-necked by the same universe twelve years later.

As an added note, I’m seeing a lot of ‘fans’ angry at Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston over the social media campaign. Sure it was a little misleading but it got all of you paying attention. I, for one, am actually more interested in the liquor than the movie to be honest. If you are actually upset by the the tweets, you just played yourself. Take a step back and think about how good your life must be if you are upset about some tweets instead of having real problems. Like for example having cancer, being unemployed, and needing to make meth in order to provide for your family.


News carefully analyzed and reported by: Troy Smith

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