Phone Home: Top 51 Alien Movies

The truth is out there, as long as you believe it; and I want to believe. The little green men that abduct our cows, and have a time-share in Area-51, have been a reoccurring theme in movies since the birth of Hollywood. The idea that we are not alone in this universe is shared by many. Film makers have been giving audiences plenty of imaginative tales about what life could be like on other planets and how our interactions with them might go. Here are the Top 8 alien films (51 just sounded better)


8: Mars Attacks!


Release Date: 1996

While everyone tries to put a unique spin on the alien genre, Tim Burton wanted to get the classic feel right first. Mars Attacks is the stereotypical 1950’s style space flick that has creepy little aliens that just want to fuck shit up. It’s funny, it’s graphic, and it’s exactly what some burn out in Arizona thinks will really happen.


7: They Live!


Release Date: 1988

Sometimes aliens aren’t little green men that want to take you on their ship. Sometimes they just want you to spend money. John Carpenter’s They Live uses class warfare to show how alien the 1% are from the rest of us. When you see how rich people act and live, it feels like they really do come from a different world.


6: Predator


Release Date: 1987

This movie kicks fucking ass. I love that the Predator alien race is just some bad motherfuckers that roam the planet looking for a challenge. For how many alien movies exist, it is still a rare concept to have a sportsman alien invade our planet. And when the first Predator shows up, he faces off against the best of the best. Challenge accepted.


5: The Thing


Release Date: 1982

Sometimes our imaginations are too limited when it comes to the design of alien creatures. Who says they will be bipedal, breath air, or even have a natural form. John Carpenter’s The Thing opened up the horrific imagination of what an alien can look like and how dangerous they can become.


4: District 9


Release Date: 2009

This was a fresh take on extra-terrestrials. District 9 framed them as refugees in a third world country. It was an incredibly unique story that not only made you feel bad for the real people in these conditions, but made you consider the simplicity of a possible alien encounter in the future.


3: Independence Day


Release Date: 1996

Alien invasions have never been done as well as Independence Day. We were woefully outmatched against an enemy that we knew nothing about. They had better weapons and were made of tougher stuff. But if there is one thing humanity knows how to do, it’s fight!


2: Men In Black


Release Date: 1997

What is more sci-fi themed than aliens? The government agency that keeps them in check. Men in Black didn’t just make a movie that introduced extra-terrestrials, it insinuated that aliens have existed among you this entire time. Some are deadly, some are friendly, but like it or not you were never alone.


1: Alien


Release Date: 1979

It is thee alien movie; literally. Ridley Scott didn’t just make a horror monster movie set in space, he made a story that captures the fear humans have of the unknown. There have been tons of sequels in the franchise but none of them really captured the metaphor of the first film. Everything in life is Alien to us, and space has a million ways to kill you.


Movies abducted and list probed by: Troy Smith


Bonus: Interstellar 


Release Date: 2014

The concept of other creatures coming to this world, Earth, is one sided. We keep seeing other intelligent life that is more advanced than us, and decided to come to this planet for some reason or an other. In Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar we, human beings, are the aliens. And by the end, we plan on inhabiting another world without knowing what sort of intelligent life might be there.

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