Marvel’s Phase 4 Announcement At SDCC ’19

At the 2019 San Diego Comic Convention this past weekend, Marvel Studios presented their Phase 4 line up. This included multiple theatrical movies as well as the Disney+ streaming service shows. There were many individual announcements for the movies, casting, and plot details. Let’s try to figure out the plan for these next three years, while also understanding that these timelines can change… We all remember how that Inhumans movie turned out


Feature Films

Black Widow


Release Date: May 1st, 2020

The first official movie of the Phase 4 will take place inside the timeline of Phase 3. Scarlett Johansson is returning for he character Natasha Romanoff. David Harbour is cast to play the villain The Red Guard, but there are conflicting reports that he will be Taskmaster by the end of the movie. Personally I think it is weird to go with a prequel for a character that was just killed off. But this movie has been in the works for a very long time so I’m glad it is finally happening.




Release Date: November 6th, 2020

I will admit that I know nothing about the Eternals comics. I think this is Marvel’s way of beating DC to the New Gods punch. I’ve never heard of the director and the cast is a little questionable. Angelina Jolie isn’t that powerful of a presence anymore, Richard Madden hasn’t done anything good since Game of Thrones, and Kumail Nanjiani is just really annoying. But Marvel can afford the risk. It worked with Guardians of the Galaxy.


Shang Chi: And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

shang chi

Release Date: February 12th, 2021

In the comics Shang Chi is basically Bruce Lee. He is a badass that can kick the shit out of mostly any super hero or villain. Simu Liu will play the main character. The plot will involve “the real Mandarin” and likely go off of the events from Iron Man 3. As a side note this will probably make a lot of people happy who were upset with the Iron Fist casting.


Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse Of Madness


Release Date: May 7th, 2021

David Cumberbatch returns. The director said he wants to make “the first scary MCU movie.” The film will also star Elizebeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch. Hopefully we will see more trippy mind-fuck action from her like her character in Age of Ultron. Another bit of news that fuels the horror elements in the story is the villain Nightmare, a comic book character that invades dreams.


Thor: Love and Thunder


Release Date: November 5th, 2021

People who loved the ridiculousness of Thor: Ragnorok can rejoice. Taika Waititi is returning to do another Thor movie. I would say this is more a sequel than ‘the fourth Thor.’ It will star Natalie Portman and is heavily influenced by The Mighty Thor comic that follows Jane Foster’s time as the owner of the hammer. Tessa Thompson returns as Valkyrie. And Chris Hemsworth is returning but in a supporting character role and not as the main character.


Disney Plus Streaming Shows

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier


Release Date: Fall, 2020

Sam Wilson and Bucky team up to continue Captain America’s legacy. This show will take place after the events of Endgame and will not feature Chris Evans. The villain for the show is Zemo, who will be played by Daniel Brühl (who played the character in Captain America: Civil War.)




Release Date: Spring, 2021

Probably the most interesting of the TV shows, although surprisingly now the weirdest, is a story staring Scarlet Witch and Vision. Elizebeth Olsen and Paul Bettany will reprise their roles. However Vision is dead after the events in Infinity War. Teyonah Parris will also be in the show playing Monica Rambeau (the little girl in Captain Marvel.) Rumor is this story will have heavy influences from ‘The Visions ‘and ‘House of M’ comic storylines. The show will also tie-in with the Doctor Strange movie.




Release Date: Spring, 2021

Speaking of dead people…. Tom Hiddleston will star in a show as Loki, the character in the MCU that has died three separate times now. The show will take place after the events of Endgame and follow a version fo Loki out of time. In Endgame he escapes with the space stone after the events of The Avengers. This is the biggest loophole from that movie and I’m very interested to see if the show closes that up.


What If…?


Release Date: Summer, 2021

This is the most ridiculous announcement in Hall H. Following a comic run with the same name, an animated anthology that shows alternate realities where the events of the MCU turned out differently. What if Ultron won, What if Captain America was thawed out in the 70’s, What if Iron Man never found Spider-Man. Jeffrey Wright will voice The Watcher, and narrate the show.




Release Date: Fall, 2021

Jeremy Renner returns to play Hawkeye in a TV show. Not much is known aside from the fact it will include Kate Bishop and likely follow the Matt Fraction comic run based.


Phase 5

Captain Marvel 2, Black Panther 2, Guardians 3, and Fantastic Four


Release Dates: N/A

Kevin Fiege commented Captain Marvel 2, Black Panther 2, Guardians 3, and Fantastic Four are in production right now. There have been no release dates for any of these projects as of right now. Other than the Fantastic Four news, these sequels were known to be coming out eventually. They currently are not said to be part of ‘Phase 4’ but we can see one of them sneak in-between the announced film.




Release Date: 2022+

One of the most shocking announcements was for the reboot of Blade and introducing him into the MCU. Mahershala Ali is signed on to play the main character. As a fan of Blade comics and the first 2 Blade movie in the 90’s, this news has me very excited. Hopefully Phase 5 gets more Marvel Knights.


No Avengers movie?


Release Date: I Don’t trust this!

How the actual hell are you going to have a Phase 4 announcement and not end it with an Avengers movie. Kevin Fiege has some kind Wiley Coyote plans if he thinks people will understand the book ends of the Phase 4 and 5 movies without a big team up movie including all of the characters. I will be very shocked if there isn’t one being planned and it just wasn’t announced.


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