Andy Serkis Directing Venom Sequel: Carnage Mo-Cap

Recently it was confirmed that motion capture god, Andy Serkis, will direct the sequel to Tom Hardy’s Venom movie. Most people have viewed this with overwhelming positivity. The man is a legend in Hollywood for his work with mo-cap roles. The newest Planet of the Apes franchise, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and King Kong are all franchises that have benefited from his work. Hollywood actors and actresses praise him and every interview that mentions his name is paired with compliments.

Another benefit to the actor is his recent work on a few other Marvel property films. Andy played Ulysses Klaue in the MCU, a colorful character that was as hilarious as he was ruthless. Unfortunately he the character was killed off in Black Panther, another problem I have with the film, but I’m getting off topic. Venom was a CGI character in the 2018 film and I see no reason for that to change for the sequel. His work in the field is legendary and there is no question that Andy’s experience with breathe new life into the character. However I can list the actor’s abilities in front of the camera, but that does not always translate when someone is on the other side and calling the shots.



Andy Serkis isn’t known for being a director. He currently only has two directing credits and I have not seen either of the films. Breathe, a love story I wouldn’t be interested in, and the Jungle Book movie that no one saw. These are not indications that he is bad at the job, especially the Jungle Book adaptation Mowgli (Jon Favreau kind of fucked him over on that one), but the point still stands. Plainly put, the man doesn’t have a lot of experience as a director and historically that would have people worried, however it doesn’t. The original Venom film did not use Mo-Cap for the main character but we know that wont be the same for the sequel. Andy runs a Motion Capture studio ‘The Imaginarium’ and he’s going to put it to good use.

Coincidentally Andy said this “Tom Hardy is playing a new character using performance capture. It all points up ‘what is the nature of acting?’ and there is no difference between acting wearing a costume and makeup, or wearing a motion capture suit. That’s plain and simple, it just needs awarding bodies to understand that.” int an interview with Yahoo Movies about his first directed movie Breathe. However Tom Hardy told reporters after the release of Venom that they never figured out how to get it to work visually. In my opinion, maybe they just didn’t hire the right man for the job.


carnage 2

Besides the directorial change, the writing duties have also shifted for the Venom sequel. Kelly Marcel will be the main writer for the script. She is mostly known for writing the screenplay of Fifty Shades of Grey…. So there is that. But she is also the creator and writer of a show called Terra Nova (which was really good and unfortunately never got a second season.) She will be getting some help from Tom Hardy himself. The main star has taken up co-writing duties for the film. It was reported, probably out of context, that the first film was missing “40 minutes of Tom Hardy’s favorite material.” I’m now interested how much of that will be transferred to the sequel.

The main thing everyone wants to know about is the villain. Despite the post-credit scene with Woody Harrelson, it has not been confirmed that he will return for the sequel. However that doesn’t mean he won’t be in the movie. Other than Tom Hardy, the only actor to confirm their return is Michelle Williams. Who will reprise her role as the love interest Anne Weying. The movie is in pre-production and Andy and the crew have done a pretty good job of keeping things under wraps. I don’t take the lack of news as a negative, I’m hopeful. So far nothing announced has me worried yet.



All and all I can only really see this news as a positive. Although I liked the first movie, my review of how it Survived The Snappening, most people didn’t. The 2018 comic book adaptation is still sitting at a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes. Although Andy Serkis isn’t known for his directing talent yet, he is known for being incredibly driven and hard-working. With a fresh writer and Tom Hardy taking a more prominent role in the creation of the film, it shows a lot of passion behind the cameras. I, for one, am hopeful that the team can come together and improve some of the weaker elements of the first film while strengthening a franchise that already had a lot of quality to begin with. And it wouldn’t hurt if they made it rated R this time, just saying.


News heard and written for you by: Troy Smith

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