What’s In The Box!?! Top 5 David Fincher Films

David Fincher has made a career from psychopaths. He is an incredibly gifted director, who started out in the music video business. Now his name is one of the most respected in Hollywood. Not only does he bring visual elements of suspense and horror to his films, he also reminds us all how scary the human mind can be. After years of watching Fincher movies, I have paranoid of my neighbors and the terrible and tragic things they are capable of… and its awesome. Here are the top five David Fincher films.


5. Gone Girl


Release Date: 2014

Gone Girl is a story that plays off the audience’s expectations. It tricks you into thinking you are the smartest person in the room; that you can solve the mystery first. Fincher uses this illusion and has the movie take a left turn and prove you wrong. To then do it again a second time. This is the movie that made me a Rosamund Pike fan, as long as she’s playing a psychopath.


4. The Social Network


Release Date: 2010

The only movie on the list that isn’t about a serial killer, and at the same time might might have the most dangerous man in America (if you believe facebook is evil). Jesse Eisenburg performs exceptionally as a sociopath, know it all, and shows how vicious friendship can be when a person is on the cusp of greatness. And how villainous a person can be when they think no one else deserves it.


3. Zodiac


Release Date: 2007

What makes Zodiac such a terrifying story is how the killer was never caught. He was a real person that inflicted real deaths and society will never know who he was. The film does a great job capturing the paranoia society felt in San Fransisco during the killing spree as well as the lives ruined by the people trying to solve the mystery.


2. Fight Club


Release Date: 1999

Probably one of the manliest movies of all time, Fight Club is about men taking control of their lives and freeing themselves from the bullshit which controls them. Life isn’t about having fancy cars or nice clothes, it’s about owning the temporary moment we have right now. This was the movie that made David Fincher a master of psychopaths with the visual story telling of Tyler Durden and himself.


1. Se7en


Release Date: 1997

This movie might be one of the most twisted, raw, and graphic stories I have ever watched. I find it is not only Fincher’s best film, but also Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, and Morgan Freeman’s (aside from Shawshank Redemption of course.) When a serial killer starts using the seven deadly sins as a theme for the murders, the audience thinks they understand how the story will go, and they are caught off guard. One of the most iconic endings to any movie that still has us all saying to this day “what’s in the box?”


Movies watched and list created by: Troy Smith


Bonus: House of Cards


Release Date: 2013

Specifically the first two episodes which were directed by Fincher. Serial killers are scary, however the more realistic threat are politicians. House of Cards starts off hard showing us Frank Underwood, another role from Kevin Spacey, murdering a dog that was hit by a car in order to relieve its pain. The rest of the episode gave me chills knowing that it’s a more realistic character than most portrayals of politicians.

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