Whoa…. Top 5 Keanu Reeves Movies

One of the most famous action stars in the world, lover of fine arts, puppies, and real life immortal angel on earth Keanu Reeves. His birthday deserves to be a national holiday where we all celebrate by being better humans…. oh yea this is a list of movies.


5: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Release Date: 1989

I learned more about Socrates from this movie than I ever did in school. George Carlin helps two high school students understand time travel and the bodacious ramifications of being a tight ass. The sequel was just as good in my opinion and I can’t wait for the third film to be released soon.


4: The Replacements


Release Date: 2000

If you want to just have a fun time, you can put on The Replacements at literally any point and enjoy yourself. Keanu inspires a team of washed up rejects in the ultimate underdog story that captures the spirit of the football.


3: Point Break


Release Date: 1991

Before the ‘Fast and Furious’ there was another movie where a cop goes undercover in the world of extreme sports and finds himself liking the lawless life of a criminal more than the badge. Plus Point Break has Patrick Swayze so it’s better.


2: John Wick


Release Date: 2014

This movie is a perfect action movie that is a homage to the genre. Bad guy kills the dog of the world’s greatest assassin, so the audience immediately demands blood; and we get it. John Wick proves Keanu is no where close to the end of his career.


1: The Matrix


Release Date: 1999


Regardless of what came before, this movie made Keanu’s career and turned him a super star. The Matrix changed the way we think about life, technology, and kung fu gun fighting.. The sequels might not be as great but the first film on it’s own is a classic that will live on long after the machines have taken over.


Movies watched and list generated by: Troy Smith


Bonus: Keanu Reeves, the real person


Born: 1964

In Hollywood there are a lot of stories about terrible people. Keanu Reeves is a truly beautiful person. He had a lot of bad experiences in his life that humbled him and he spends a lot of time and money helping his sister and others who need it. He isn’t without flaws, but that’s part of why he is great. His outlook on life and death is ome I wish more people had.

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