Back At It Again: Top 5 Sequels That Were Better Than The First Movie

When there is a movie that fans overwhelmingly adore, sometimes it gets followed by a sequel that just can’t live up to the first. Blue Brothers, Wayne’s World, Grease… The list goes on. Occasionally there are some movies where the sequel was good, but not as great as the first. These are Mighty Ducks, Friday the 13th, Home Alone…. But every once in a while we end up with a sequel that is even better than the first. Here are the top 5.


5: Captain America, The Winter Soldier


Release Date: 2014

The first Captain America movie was a nice period piece about Americans fighting evil Nazi forces. It was also pretty campy and feel good. But the sequel ended up becoming one the best MCU movie as well as a phenomenal sci-fi government conspiracy thriller on it’s own.


4: The Dark Knight


Release Date: 2008

Christopher Nolan was able to make Batman cool again with Batman Begins. With the sequel, he was able to take the character, and his arch nemesis, to places they have never gone before. This is a great film regardless of any versions of Batman that came before or will come after.


3: The Godfather Pt.2


Release Date: 1974

The Godfather will go down in history as one of the greatest mafia franchises in Hollywood history. And all three movies have their moments, but if you ask anyone, they will always say how Part 2 is what defines the genre itself.


2: Terminator 2, Judgement Day

Film and Television

Release Date: 1991

The Terminator franchise has had many terrible sequels. However, the original sequel to the cult classic was the best. Judgement Day took the neat concept of time travel and the fears of technology and dialed up to eleven. Plus it took role of murderous robot and made us root for him.


1: Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back


Release Date: 1980

Widely considered the best Star Wars movie. It’s also the “greatest movie ever period” to many fans in general. The fantasy epic in space about magician wizards with laser swords started with A New Hope, however the personal connections we make with the characters and investment in the lore were solidified in Empire Strikes Back.


Movie list generated by: Troy Smith


Bonus: Evil Dead 2


Release Date: 1987

So technically this is a sequel, however it’s really just a reboot. Evil Dead was a slightly funny, slightly gorey horror film that captured fans. When the sequel was green lite, they basically just made the first movie again with a real budget. I would almost say Army of Darkness is the real sequel but that movie makes even less sense.



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