Another Jedi Battle?! Top 5 Star Wars Video Games

Star Wars is a franchise best known for its epic galactic adventures and laser swords. Although most of us get our fix from the films, the Star Wars universe has had a lot of success in the world of video games. Here are the top 5 games that capture that Star Wars feeling.


5: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


Release date: 2005

I was a huge fan of Episode 3 when I saw it in theaters. Getting to play the story I loved, was a lot of fun. The final mission was a several layered boss fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin. After you beat it, you play the entire fight again from Anakin’s perspective… where the Jedi are evil.


4: The Force Unleashed


Release date: 2008

For the first time we see what Darth Vader would be like with an apprentice. Sam Witwer is no stranger to the Star Wars universe, but in this game you get to use him to do all kinds of evil. Plus using force lightening is so much fun.


3: Lego Star Wars


Release date: 2005

One of the first Lego licensed games, and still considered the best. Star Wars never looked so friendly. It was fun for fun’s sake and the gameplay being designed to never let the player die made it a great game for children both young and old.


2: Battlefront II 



Unlike most of the internet, I actually liked the newest Battlefront games. However they can’t hold a candle to the feeling you got front the original Battlefront 2. It’s probably one of the only times you can feel good playing as a storm trooper.


1: Knight of the Old Republic


Release date: 2003

Set four thousand years before the events of the movies, KotOR is the second area in the universe to really be defined as Star Wars magic. It’s a story that stands on it’s own while also adding to the lore in a significant way. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a remake, or even a movie version of the story soon.


Games played and list generated by: Troy Smith


Bonus: Star Wars 1313


Release date: Never

Unfortunately we will never get to see the greatness this game could have been. Maybe it’s for the better, I mean who would actually care about a gritty bounty hunter story involving the complex and rich world of the Star Wars crime syndicates and under world….


Double Bonus! 

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