Star Wars: Skywalker Saga Films Ranked

With Episode 9 out, the Skywalker franchise is officially complete and so we get the entire story that spans 42 years. Some are better than others but what everyone will be talking about now is… Which one is the best and what is your favorite list? So here is The Snappening’s official Skywalker Saga list!


9. Attack of the Clones

Release Date: 2002

This was an easy choice for last place. Aside from some cool Obi detective plot points and Jango Fett. However, majority of the movie is really boring and Anakin is Hayes by most fans.


8. Return of the Jedi

Release Date: 1983

Yeah, it’s the end of the original trilogy but it is the weakest one in it. Making a second Death Star is lazy, no one liked Ewoks, and the plot wraps up too conveniently. Upon a rewatch you’ll see there isn’t too much to love here.


7. The Phantom Menace

Release Date: 1999

After years of hype, people flocked to the theaters to see the origin of Darth Vader. But instead they got pod racing and a semi racist Jar Jar Binks character. However this is a good origin to Palpatine and everyone loves Darth Maul.


6. Rise of the Skywalker

Release Date: 2019

The finale of all finales wrapped up the story with a lot of cameos/Easter eggs but not enough story. It felt like it was written just to make people happy instead of making something good. There is still a good bit to make you happy anyways so, split the difference.


5. A New Hope

Release Date: 1977

Where it all started. The introduction to storm troopers, the Force, and the most evil man I’m the galaxy: Darth Vader. The audience fell in love with this world. But upon rewatch, it’s pretty basic and the characters are fleshed out better in other movies.


4. The Force Awakens

Release Date: 2015

J.J. Abrams reignited the fan base by bringing us back to a universe we all forgot we loved. It isn’t perfect and had some obvious issues, but it still is a lot of fun to watch and gave us some new characters to love.


3. Revenge of the Sith

Release Date: 2005

The entire prequel trilogy could have been wrapped up in this movie. All anyone had ever wanted was to see Anakin become Darth Vader, and once he did, it’s amazing. It is sad seeing the Jedi die and Obi Wan have to battle his own apprentice. It’s just so satisfying to watch even after all these years.


2. The Last Jedi

Release Date: 2017

I originally hated this movie when I saw it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it at the same time. The more I watched it, the more I appreciated Rian Johnson breaking our expectations. It’s a perfect mix of the new cast becoming their own characters while expanding on the original trilogy in ways that doesn’t make us happy, but make sense to the characters.


1. The Empire Strikes Back

Release Date: 1980

This movie is the reason we love Star Wars. It may be a sequel but it’s the best story in the bunch. Han and Leia are in love. Yoda is a crazy hermit. Luke actually uses the Force. And of course, we learn who Darth Vader really is. The franchise wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for Empire.


Movies watched and list generated by: Troy Smith

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