A Little Tired, A Little Wired: Top 5 Nicolas Cage Movies

He is the mad man, the wild card, the guy who will literally do anything on camera for money. Nicolas Cage has made a career going farther, further, and acting crazier than most of his peers. He has made some… questionable movies, but I’d rather watch something dumb and fun that boring and slow. Here are the top 5 movies starring the Ragin’ Cagin.



5: National Treasure


Release Date: 2004

No one thought stealing the Declaration of Independence was ever a challenge that needed to have an entire movie based around it, but it works. It’s an attempt to combine Indiana Jones and The Davinci Code but with American history. Plus Nick got to act like a smart guy for once.


4: Raising Arizona


Release Date: 1987

Most people discovered Nick Cage in this movie about a southern hick with a heart of gold that just wanted to rescue his stolen baby. I mean who would steal a baby, especially when it was already stolen to begin with.


3: Face/Off


Release Date: 1997

Not only is Nick Cage great in this movie but I also love John Travolta’s performance as well. John had to act as if he actually was Nicholas Cage. It’s almost as if we got two Cage’s for the price of one!


2: Con Air


Release Date: 1997

Beside’s Cage’s amazing, completely spot-on, southern accent, there is a lot to love about Con Air. A plane full of criminals like John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, and Danny Trejo makes for great on screen chemistry.  And you find yourself rooting for the bad guys before it was the norm in Hollywood.


1: Gone In 60 Seconds


Release Date: 2000

I honestly just love this movie. It might not be the best Nick Cage performance, or the best heist film. But it’s just fun to watch. The cast is great and the soundtrack is even better. The movie also does a great job pumping up how awesome cars can be and that’s something we really don’t get to see anymore (Fast and Furious abandoned that after the first movie).


Movies watched and list generated by: Troy Smith


Bonus: The Death of “Superman Lives”, What Happened?


Release Date: Technically 1996-97, but actually 2015

So for those that don’t know, Tim Burton was going to make a Superman movie, starring Nick Cage, back in the 90’s as a sequel to his Batman films. It was going to cover the “Death of Superman” story that had just came out in the comics. That movie never got made, but a documentary about how crazy the movie would have been was released in 2015.

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