Doctor Strange and the Spider-Verse of Sam Raimi

What the fuck is going on behind the scenes of ‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness’?! The past couple months have been full of choas and change. First off, last year at SDCC the director of ‘Doctor Strange’, Scott Derrickson, spoke of his sequel being the first ever “horror” movie in the MCU. To which Kevin Feige almost immediately dismissed this and said it will be a standard MCU movie with a few horror elements. Last month Scott Derrickson left the project all together, stating it was a mutual leave because of creative differences.

Ever since the departure several rumors and changes have sprung up. Originally it was said the villain of the movie would be a character named “Nightmare” but that news has disappeared. Now instead, we are getting stories that Doctor Voodoo will be in the sequel. Recently we also found out Rachel McAdams will not be returning for the sequel either. Personally I don’t think it is a huge lose but it does concern me to see actors dropping off. However, the biggest news to come so far is the rumored replacement for the director; ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Spider-Man’ director Sam Raimi.



As of the time writing this article, there has not been actually real confirmation that Sam Raimi will be the director for the Doctor Strange sequel, but all signs point to this being a fact. And while most of the internet is busy making reddit level fan theories of Toby McGuire returning to the MCU, or how Raimi will bring practical horror effects to the movie, I’m sitting here thinking “what the actual fuck is Marvel thinking?”

The idea that Doctor Strange was going to be a horror based movie made sense when it had a horror based director. Scott Derrickson actually made some really great horror films. Sam Raimi does not make scary movies. He makes campy fun comedies with cheesy horror elements; ‘Evil Dead’ is a comedy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Evil Dead franchise, especially ‘Army of Darkness’, but you cannot tell me it is a scary movie. If anything I would rather Fede Alvarez be in charge of this film because his Evil Dead remake in 2013 was fucking terrifying.

His personal style isn’t the most concerning part either. I looked up the imdb of Sam Raimi and was surprised to see how he hasn’t actually directed a movie since 2009… that is eleven years ago. Do you have any idea how much technology has changed since his smash hit ‘Drag me to Hell’? I am having some real trust issues leaving a multi-million dollar computer graphic budget to a man that uses puppets and ruined the public opion of Venom in film format.



My paranoia extends passed one bad movie. I actually think if this Doctor Strange 2 does not do well, I won’t care about the future of the MCU at all. With the original six Avengers gone from the story, there isn’t much to look forward to in phase 4. ‘Shang Chi’ can just be a kung-fu movie with Marvel humor, ‘The Eternals’ is obviously the poor man’s Inhumans, ‘Black Widow’ is a prequel that should have come out 3 years ago, and I know this isn’t a popular opinion but, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ looks like a cash grab extending a franchise farther than it needs to go. The possibility of a horror movie starring the most interesting of the remaining Avengers really held together the interest for the overall story. Without it, I’m not really sure what the reason would be for sticking around. Sure there is Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man trilogies to complete and the possibility of an actual good Fantastic Four film… but we have no timeline for those properties.

Before I lose myself, let’s get realistic. Of course I will go and see the the Multiverse of Madness. I know I’m just over reacting. Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, Kevin Fiege, and the powerhouse team at Marvel won’t allow it to be “bad”. Most likely the Sam Raimi news is purely a publicity stunt to drive up interest and whoever is really directing the movie won’t have much say in what happens regardless. These MCU movies are mostly designed by board members more than the creators years before pre-production. But I would much rather see someone who can actually make a mind bending horror experience instead of something campy and fun. Maybe that’s just asking too much from a movie about a space wizard made for children.


News found out and wild speculations and opinions written by: Troy Smith


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