Top 5 Things I Learned While Running a Movie Review Website

It is with sadness in my heart and shaky hands that I write my last post on The Snappening Reviews website. I started this site one night while I was drunk because I kept telling myself that I was a writer, who just didn’t write anything. then I wrote more articles and then some more. One day turned into this massive project that has really changed my life. It has been a hell of a time getting to express my thoughts, interests, and opinions. It meant a lot seeing so many people like, share, comment, and genuinely care about my reviews. Due to some personal/financial things going on in my life, I have made the heavy choice to shut down this site. But first I wanted to write one more list for you guys.


5: Lists Are Hard


Ranking things and people is not as easy as you might think. Coming up with the “Top 5” for an actor, director, or movie genre puts you in a rough spot. Tom Hanks obviously had more than 5 good movies. How could you really rank heist films against each other? I joked that it was the easiest articles to write and how they got the most views, but it took a lot of sacrifice sometimes. So the next time someone asks you your top 5 films, give it some real thought.


4: Entertainment News Is Fun


The most fun I had on this website was writing about entertainment/movie news. Getting to research about the history of female directors, the reason James Gunn was fired, or what the hell happened to MoviePass was a blast. There were so many conversations I had in real life where people just didn’t know what was happening in the film industry because clickbait doesn’t actually provide you with the correct information. So I urge you to do the research yourselves instead of trusting headlines.


3: If You’re Not First, You’re Last


I couldn’t go see every movie on it’s opening weekend. The site suffered from that, I know and I’m sorry. Being a professional movie reviewer means seeing movies every weekend is a top priority. If I wrote an article even a week after the movie came out, the views would drastically decrease. That’s why I shifted to the Film Analysis pieces, I was able to break down the movies and how good they were without worrying about the click bait of a “good or bad” review. Learn to appreciate quality over quantity.


2: We Need Creative Outlets


Sometimes you just need to get something out there int the world and out of your head. These articles helped keep me sane. The Snappening isn’t going to disappear; I’m still going to write reviews on Letterboxd sometimes, plus share some thoughts and news on Twitter and Facebook. Also I’ve started a new project that is a podcast about comic books that’s called ‘Comics Code Atrocity’, give it a search! If you are wanting to do something, anything creative, the key is to just start. give yourself small easily completed tasks. And then just do them! It will all fall together eventually and turn into something you can be really proud of. 


1: I Love My Fans!


Over the past 2 years, and 133 posts, I have really kept going because of you. The people reading this. At first it was just a handful of my friends but the site really took off. Whether you are hear from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Letterboxd, or weirdly enough a huge amount of people from IMDB, I love you. I know some people just popped in to check it out but I actually had a lot of people stick around. You guys have been the fuel for me this entire time. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


Two years well spent by: Troy Smith


Bonus: Shawshank Redemption


The 1994 film, directed by Frank Darabont, is the greatest film ever made. It is the golden standard in which all other movies are judged. The story of Andy Dufresne, played by Tim Robbins, is a rich and sad one. He goes to jail for a crime he didn’t commit and gets eaten up by the system. If it wasn’t for his buddy Red, played by Morgan Freeman, he probably would have killed himself. And somehow at the same time, it was funny and full of heartfelt moments. No matter what happens to this site, Shawshank Redemption will always survive The Snappening. 


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