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Why Are Female Superhero Films Only Prequels?

The first trailers for the next two giant superhero movies have dropped. DC and Marvel are both finally on the same page and backing female characters with female directors. Black Widow and WW84 look to be big successes for the genre. However there is another similarity between the two blockbusters I noticed… they’re both prequels. This is something that is

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Back At It Again: Top 5 Sequels That Were Better Than The First Movie

When there is a movie that fans overwhelmingly adore, sometimes it gets followed by a sequel that just can’t live up to the first. Blue Brothers, Wayne’s World, Grease… The list goes on. Occasionally there are some movies where the sequel was good, but not as great as the first. These are Mighty Ducks, Friday the 13th, Home Alone…. But

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