Doctor Strange and the Spider-Verse of Sam Raimi

What the fuck is going on behind the scenes of 'Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness'?! The past couple months have been full of choas and change. First off, last year at SDCC the director of 'Doctor Strange', Scott Derrickson, spoke of his sequel being the first ever "horror" movie in the MCU. To which Kevin … Continue reading Doctor Strange and the Spider-Verse of Sam Raimi

The Witcher: Short Stories Serialized

Netflix ends the 2019 year with the release of the first show based off the widely popular Polish books: The Witcher. The streaming company spent a lot of money in an attempt to fill the Game of Thrones sized hole in all of our hearts; and for some it did the trick. Henry Cavill stars … Continue reading The Witcher: Short Stories Serialized