The Witcher: Short Stories Serialized

Netflix ends the 2019 year with the release of the first show based off the widely popular Polish books: The Witcher. The streaming company spent a lot of money in an attempt to fill the Game of Thrones sized hole in all of our hearts; and for some it did the trick. Henry Cavill stars … Continue reading The Witcher: Short Stories Serialized

The Mandalorian: The Bounty On Star Wars

The Mandalorian is going to save Star Wars. Actually, before I get ahead of myself, let's put this into some context. For some time now, the Fandom Menace has caused a fission in the community of fans that enjoy Star Wars. Many people have expressed extreme hate for various films in the franchise. The most … Continue reading The Mandalorian: The Bounty On Star Wars

It, Chapter 2: Now It’s Time To Sink

This was a suspenseful movie that proved adults aren't that different from children in the fear department. The sequel to the highly successful remake of It is the first big horror movie of the 2019 fall season. Chapter 2, directed by Andy Muschietti (the same director of the first movie as well as the rumored … Continue reading It, Chapter 2: Now It’s Time To Sink