Academy Award Winners 2019

The 2019 Oscars have concluded and the golden Patrick Stuart staues have been handed out. If you want to know my opinions on the Academy Awards read about it Are The Oscars Still Relevant? But you didn't click on this link for that. You just want to know who won!   Best Picture: Green Book Mahershala Ali … Continue reading Academy Award Winners 2019

Are The Oscars Still Relevant?

The Academy Awards are about to celebrate their 91st ceremony honoring the previous year's accomplishments in film. For the people who have given up on award shows entirely, trust me there are a lot of us, the Academy Awards, or better known as 'The Oscars' are meant to be the single most important and prestigious … Continue reading Are The Oscars Still Relevant?

2018’s Biggest Surprise Successes and Disappointing Blunders

The terms “best” and “worst” are, for the most part, subjective, especially when it comes to art. At the end of this year there will be plenty of sites/YouTube videos/annoying co-workers that tell you the top best and bottom worst movies of 2018. Most of these lists will mirror each other in some way or … Continue reading 2018’s Biggest Surprise Successes and Disappointing Blunders