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Who Is The Joker? And What ‘Should’ His Solo Film Be Like.

The Clown Prince of Crime, The Jester of Genocide,┬áMistah J, the one and only Joker is arguably the most iconic comic book villain of all time. He’s a personal favorite of mine, not in a “#GamersRiseUp, nihilist, hate the world around me” way, I just personally love the wide variation of incarnations. He has been done four different ways in

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IT: Fear That Sticks In Your Head

This movie is a pretty great psychological thriller that┬áhad me attentively engaged. The 2017 horror movie, directed by Andy Muschietti and based off the Stephen King novel of the same name, had a huge reception and box office. I still had people telling how scary this movie was ten months after It’s release. But then again, all of those people

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